Question: I want my child to look his or her best. Do you have any tips or advice on how to prepare for the Portrait Sitting?

Answer: If you are going to have hair cut or trimmed, please do so 2 weeks prior to the sitting.

Girls: If you are worried about a dress being a little too big or too small, just let me know. I can paint the dress longer and we can clip a dress that is a little too large to pull it in. That said, it is easier to make a larger dress smaller than a smaller dress appear larger. The color of the dress needs to be the color you want the dress to be. (It doesn’t look as good when I paint a pink dress a different color such as green or red, etc.) Also, it is best for all nail polish to be removed.

Boys: If you want to paint your little boy in lace or Peter Pan collars, you may want to consider painting the child younger rather than older. If the little boy still has dimples in their hands rather than knuckles, the lace and/or Peter Pan collars look very sweet. Little boys also do better when they are not wearing a full suit.

Question: Should I have my child ready for the portrait sitting the moment that Ronald Bayens arrives?

Answer: NO! Please let Ron meet your child in comfortable clothes and let him have a chance to set up his equipment. After he is able to talk and answer any questions your child may have, you can change clothes while he is setting up for the portrait sitting.

Question: I want an outdoor portrait sitting and am wondering when the best time for this would be?

Answer: The early morning is best for lighting. As far as seasons are concerned:
Winter is not a great time to capture children’s likenesses because in the early morning, it is especially cold and it is harder to capture a happy expression or feeling.

  • Fall can lend exceptionally beautiful backgrounds and are very complementary.
  • In the same way, Spring is also a good time.
  • Summer can be a good time if the portrait sitting is done while the temperature is not too hot.

I will contact you to determine the general time frame you are thinking about having your portrait completed. We will discuss whether you want an informal or a formal portrait as well as an indoor or an outdoor portrait sitting.

My Assistant will contact you regarding scheduling a date for me to travel to you. Outdoor sittings have the best light early in the morning,

For young children, while Ronald is setting up the photo shoot equipment, the mother can help the child into their clothes for the painting. In this way, the child’s discomfort is lessoned (as well as any accidental spills on expensive garments). Please note that if you want to have the child’s hair trimmed for the portrait, it is best to do this two weeks before the portrait sitting.

After the portrait sitting, a fourth of the total price of the portrait is due.

Sketch Approval

Ronald will meet again with the client to have a sketch approval. At this time, he will go through each feature of the painting to determine the best of the best. The client will pick the best face of the subject, the best hand placement, the best foot placement, etc. and Ron will compile all the elements into one composite photograph, at the time of the approval, to let the client see exactly what pose and expression the portrait will have.

The sketch approval will be the time to discuss what elements, such as a tree, a vase, or anything enhancing or distracting to the portrait subject should be included or removed.

Painting of the Portrait

The painting will be painted at Ronald Bayens’ studio. The time for the completion of the painting varies usually between 8 – 10 months. The client is free to call at any time for a status report or with any questions/concerns.

Delivery of the Portrait

The client will be called within about a month of the completion of the portrait to determine the best delivery time. The painting will be delivered, unveiled, and hung wherever desired at no extra charge.

The remaining balance, or half of the total portrait price plus tax, is due upon delivery.

If after Ron leaves and the client feels that an adjustment or a touch up needs to be made, Ron will come back and make certain the client is happy and satisfied with the painting. There is no time expiration for this or a limit to how many adjustments can be made.