Portrait Procedure

Portrait Process Outline

I will contact you to determine the general time frame you are thinking about having your portrait completed. We will discuss whether you want an informal or a formal portrait as well as an indoor or an outdoor portrait sitting.
My Assistant will set up a date for me to travel to you. Outdoor sittings have the best light early in the morning, and Beach portrait sittings are better in the late afternoon. (Please see my FAQs regarding Portrait Sittings)
The Portrait Sitting will last approximately 2 hours (more or less time may be needed depending upon the number of people in the portrait). After the digital photo shoot, there may possibly be some sketching from life to determine placement and color. We will meet again to determine and review the best composite of the portrait from the digital images and/or sketches made. We can discuss frame choices at that time in order to allow for any delivery delay so that the portrait can be delivered complete and ready to be hung.
Back in the studio, I will work on the portrait and will welcome any contact from you if you want to check on status and/or have any additional questions. When I am about a month away from completing the portrait, my assistant will call you to set up a delivery time.
I will arrive with your portrait framed and ready for the unveiling. I will hang the portrait wherever you want and/or will give you suggestions to take advantage of the best lighting and viewing area.

Sketch Approval

Ronald will meet again with the client to have a sketch approval. At this time, he will go through each feature of the painting to determine the best of the best. The client will pick the best face of the subject, the best hand placement, the best foot placement, etc. and Ron will compile all the elements into one composite photograph, at the time of the approval, to let the client see exactly what pose and expression the portrait will have.
The sketch approval will be the time to discuss what elements, such as a tree, a vase, or anything enhancing or distracting to the portrait subject should be included or removed.

Painting of the Portrait

The painting will be painted at Ronald Bayens’ studio. The time for the completion of the painting varies usually between 8 – 10 months. The client is free to call at any time for a status report or with any questions/concerns.

Delivery of the Portrait

The client will be called within about a month of the completion of the portrait to determine the best delivery time. The painting will be delivered, unveiled, and hung wherever desired at no extra charge.
The remaining balance, or half of the total portrait price plus tax, is due upon delivery.
If after Ron leaves and the client feels that an adjustment or a touch up needs to be made, Ron will come back and make certain the client is happy and satisfied with the painting. There is no time expiration for this or a limit to how many adjustments can be made.